Giveaway: RecoverXData Pro for FREE

Download: RecoverXDataPro-1.0.1361.400.zipmirror

Supports recover data lost due to deletion, formatting, partition loss, system problems, application crash, virus/malware attack, power issue, slight hardware destruction, etc. on Windows 10, 8(.1), 7, Vista and XP computer.

Embedded with six data recovery modes , RecoverXData helps recover lost files from the PC desktop, Recycle Bin, hard drive and external HDD/SD memory card/USB flash drive/camera as well as deleted or lost partition efficiently.

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4 thoughts on “Giveaway: RecoverXData Pro for FREE

  1. staff does not check links posted by users in the comment section, so take care and double check everything.
  2. Completely worthless, could not do anything useful with a Windows 7 spanned volume where all the data is 100% intact but windows cannot properly use the spanned volume.

    Donemax program worked fine. Easeus and Aomei also would have worked, but I could not find any giveaways for those, so I used Donemax giveaway.

  3. TK, And another bug… Recover for Recycle Bin which is supposed to check the recycle bin database for specific volumes and offer to recover files deleted from the recycle bin on that volume but when started it scans the filesystem for ALL the files on that filesystem not showing what’s been moved to recycle bin on that volume but just providing an explorer-like tree panel and files panel with all the files and folders currently on the drive listed! What is the point in that?

    same thing happens when trying to recover deleted data it scans the filesystem and displays the files and folders in the entire selected filesystem NOT any deleted ones! What is the point in that? The ONLY utility I can see in it is to expose ALL the files belonging to other users and the system that you’d normally not have access to so you can copy them to a different location you can access without adding your user name to the access control lists and revealing you’ve been snooping where you probably shouldn’t be. Should be version 0.4alpha and not pretend to be a stable release version as it is not even a conventional deleted file recovery program yet, let alone a good, usable one yet!
    Like others have found this build is incapable of retaining its licensed state after the process has been ended and restarted again. I wish GAOTD would sanity check giveaways that they do the basics of what is needed to be a giveaway like retain licensed state, seek and display deleted files of the classes claimed in the user interface and do not enable telemetary unless the end user is confident enough to choose advanced installation settings when user experience telemetary option should be defaulting to OFF if it is hidden away in the advanced installation settings and the installation path should always be offered in the standard installation configuration and again not be hidden away in custom or advanced settings all of which lead end user to default to having spyware telemetary enabled by default and writing to the system volume by default which is normally where people are trying to recover deleted data from! I’d personally prefer GAOTD to admit defeat and not have a giveaway than to subject all giveaway visitors regardless of experience and expectation to sneaky telemetry enabled pre-release software that operates with administrator rights so if the rogue developer wants to they can wreck a system and extract any data they like and transmit it home since their software by default gives itself unrestricted access to any files that are owned by any identity on the target computer!
    This is potential ransomware where secrets can be harvested and exposed… rather than the type of ransomware that locks your data files. What GAOTD have done here in this giveaway is atrocious in my professional opinion as a an IT and security engineer.

  4. Found a bug… It only reports a subset of available drives I have volumes B:, C:, D: and Y: on this laptop and program only offers C:, D: and Y: no B: 720G drive! Does the developer think A: and B: are somehow reserved for use by Floppy drives? Do they think Windows is STILL MSDOS based and FLOPPY discs controllers are still installed on 21st century motherboards?

  5. giveaway license expires 2022-04-16 so just shy of 1 year duration and current tally reported in membership menu option is 3692 out of 5000 computers authorised for the license code in the readme.txt file included in the zip bundle. There is no facility to create bootable media to recover data from an unbootable system. The program has to be installed and used on a functional target system even though that will cause writes to the system drive no matter where the end user installs the program. e.g. start menu entries, add remove programs database entry, registry additions and usage experience reporting unless disabled in advanced installation options. Not a serious data recovery program!

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