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Here are a few options to consider for attending this workshop or finding similar learning resources:

1. Packt Publishing – Physical Book and eBook:

Title: PowerShell 7 Workshop: Learn how to program with PowerShell 7 on Windows, Linux, and the Raspberry Pi
Author: Nick Parlow
Format: Physical book and eBook available on Packt Publishing's website https://www.amazon.com/PowerShell-Workshop-program-Windows-Raspberry-ebook/dp/B0CTYNZGSK
This option offers a comprehensive learning experience with a physical book or an eBook. It likely covers the core functionalities of PowerShell 7, scripting fundamentals, and working with the command line across different operating systems.

2. Alternative Resources:

If you prefer a more flexible or free approach, here are some alternatives:

Microsoft Docs: Microsoft provides extensive documentation on PowerShell, including tutorials and learning modules specifically for PowerShell 7 https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/
Online Courses: Several online learning platforms offer PowerShell 7 courses, ranging from free introductory lessons to in-depth paid programs. Popular options include Udemy, Pluralsight, and Coursera.
YouTube Tutorials: Many free YouTube channels offer tutorials and demonstrations on working with PowerShell 7. You can find beginner-friendly introductions as well as more advanced content.

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