Google Release their “Search Quality Ratings” Guidelines!

Google quality rating secrets had been leaked several times by different third party agencies and most often by evaluators hired by Google itself. A time has come when Google has finally decided to release the full version of their Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines PDF e-Book consisting of 160 Pages with in-depth knowledge for webmasters, Bloggers and SEOs around the globe. The Pandora box of what exactly a Low Quality and High Quality Content has been finally disclosed with tons of illustrative examples and case studies. This e-Book is the most precious resource that Google's team of quality raters uses to rate a website and decide its fate. It is the only thing you need as a blogger to learn what it takes to be a top ranked website on Desktop and Mobile!

Download Now!  Size: 8.29 MB

What's is so Special about it?

This e-Book is basically a training guide for agents Google hires to research the web and rate websites/blogs based on the guidelines Google proposed to them. So this e-Book was never intended for publishers.

It answers all the confusions revolving around the web on how Google ranks content, how its penalty algorithms like Google Panda and Penguin works and how exactly does Google identifies a Low Quality content from a High Quality content. After reading it you will be able to figure out all the mistakes you had been making that caused you consistent loss in search traffic.

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