Giveaway: ZD Soft Screen Recorder v11.1.16 for Free

High-performance screen recording software for lag-free screen recording.

Download: SRSetup.exe
Name: SharewareOnSale Giveaway
License key: NLH1A-RE367-8C8B8-ECHC5-DEL9J

Screen recording is a special process to turn computer screen output into a video internally. It can be done by hardware such as a capture card, or by software which is the most cost-effective and flexible way. Different software uses different methods to capture screen. The GDI screen capture is the most widely used and simplest method among them, but its performance is poor that lags the system badly because there are graphics pipeline stalls when reading data from the video RAM to the system RAM. In order to resolve this problem, we developed the GPU accelerated screen capture technology which can reduce the pipeline stalls significantly.

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