Giveaway: YoWindow Unlimited Edition for Free

YoWindow is a full featured weather forecast app with beautiful graphics that shows the weather forecast for any location you choose. Instead of displaying data as a desktop notification, YoWindow delivers weather data in what may be the most fun interface you’ve ever seen. You see the picture instead of bare weather data. The background living landscape will reflect the current conditions. The sun rises and sets just as it does in real time, and precipitation and other weather phenomena are depicted with animations. You can see actual cloud cover, rain, grass swaying with the wind, fog, even thunderstorms. YoWindow also moves in time. The seasons change in sync with nature.

Animated landscapes include Village, Seaside, Airport, Oriental themes, plus more than 1,400 picture-based landscapes. A full-featured weather station includes lots of information and even a few fun surprises.

License Key: 002D-B866-A602-0717-1368

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