Giveaway: WonderFox Photo Watermark v8.3 for FREE

Watermark Software is a all-side photo software, which mainly focuses on safeguarding photos copyrights and photo info privacy. It supports beautifying photos, batch watermarking, editing/deleting EXIF info, converting photo format, and keeps a record of processing 300 photos in 1 min. Program features include Mosaic and many other effects as well as adding frames!

Download: wonderfox-watermark-software-8.3.exemirror
License Key: WS-WSWB-4B2C900789-C813E9F0F2-FA43FBFDFD
License Key: WS-WSWB-78A5500787-D87AECFDF3-0B73FFEEF1
License Key: WS-WSWB-7152200787-0C60F6C3DD-3D88EAE0ED
License Key: WS-WSWB-6EE0A00787-DA4166BAAA-35E2E1ABCD
License Key: WS-WSWB-6EE0D00787-0749FB8DB2-6589F0FBE5
License Key: WS-WSWB-683C900787-1BCDEDB497-4A0DF8F1F3
License Key: WS-WSWB-62ACB00787-CF18DCE8E7-4CEEE9CFE7
License Key: WS-WSWB-8781700786-A0B4CDD5DE-0BF4FFF2EF
License Key: WS-WSWB-8210100786-7C35FCFAF9-0E76FFEDEE
License Key: WS-WSWB-820FA00786-8DD6D1C2DB-5AF6FAFBF3
License Key: WS-WSWB-78B6000786-C0E7FCFDFE-F944F1F8F8
License Key: WS-WSWB-9003D00784-FDF8FBFCFD-7545F9F5FA
License Key: WS-WSWB-AADDC00783-67B7FDFFFC-1B07F5E2E7
License Key: WS-WSWB-A885E00783-D417FDFEFE-3940FDF6F6
License Key: WS-WSWB-A101000783-B42CE3E6E9-948CEDE7F6
License Key: WS-WSWB-94E4900783-9B8BFCFBFE-0E8AFADEC8

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