Giveaway: WonderFox DVD Video Converter v8.8 for Free

Want to enjoy a complete movie night with your family instead of waiting for a long time for conversion? WonderFox DVD Video Converter is your best choice. It provides one-stop total solution to rip DVDs (released by Disney, Paramount, Sony, etc), convert video, download online video, edit and play movies/video with excellent performance.

It supports the newest NVIDIA CUDA, Intel Quick Sync, multi-core CPUs, batch mode and unique encode technology, which makes the conversion speed 30-50X faster. What’s more, it adopts Variable Bite rate (VBR) which offers better quality in a smaller file size.

You can even use the DVD and Video Converter to easily download online video from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Liveleak, Metacafe and other popular video websites. Furthermore, a DVD video player is built-in, which can be used for playing almost all kinds of audio and video files, even DVDs and HD video.

Download: wonderfox-dvd-video-converter88.exe
License Key: VC-DVCB-9E25200782-002DCDA8CB-FB5557FF6B – VC-DVCB-9E24D00782-5A8EBDDCDA-EBB6CBFFE2 – VC-DVCB-A117D00782-BD8D21E364-43D597FE3C
License File:

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