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Help you defense against virus, malware, adware, ransomware, phishing, spyware and potentially unwanted programs.

Download: WiseAntiMalwareSetup_chipcz- (1 year license)
Download: WiseAntiMalwareSetup_mydigitallife- (6 months license)
Download: WiseAntiMalwareSetup_sos- (1 year license)
Download: WiseAntiMalwareSetup_netload.exe (6 months license / v2.1.8.106)
Download: Wise Anti Malware_comss- (1 year license)
Download: WiseAntiMalwareSetup_mydigitallife.exe (v2.1.5.95)
Download: WiseAntiMalwareSetup_komputerswiat.exe
Download: WiseAntiMalwareSetup_Downloadhr.exeWiseAntiMalwareSetup_2.1.1.90.exe
Note: 6 months license

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