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WidsMob FilmPack offers your digital images color rendition profile, color mode setting (contrast, saturation, special effect), and up to 20 film grains to help you create visual beauty gallery.

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Download for Windows: widsmob_filmpack_win.exemirror
Download for MacOS: widsmob_filmpack.dmgmirror

Windows Users

Licensed email:
License key #1: wfw210eac68-8708-42d3-9c8a-1d4273e16d04
License key #2: wfw0b72c75c-38ec-4459-8833-46940b16154c

Mac Users

Licensed email:
License key #1: wf398c31c2-d8f7-47ea-8d96-d463cacd02c6
License key #2: wf9442b8a2-9752-4afc-90bd-933d90fb728f

WidsMob FilmPack applies stunning analog photo filters for photos of Digital cameras and smartphone. It helps photographers make analog photos more attractive with colors, contrast and gain. 4 different color rendition profiles, 28 types of camera profiles, 15 options for color modes, and 25 film gain profiles. Whether vintage rendering, or have fun with colors, you can always find a suitable photo filter.

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