Giveaway: Weather Underground Wunderground Premium For Free

Weather Underground Wunderground Premium (trick) for Free

1. Create and/or login to your account here :

2. Get premium for 1 year here : (Use promo code QWV35)

2. Get another year free here : (Use gift code : CLASC)

3. If you want to extend more than one year you need to use http instead of https : (Use same gift code : CLASC) (upto 19 more times….. applying code gain and again)

4 Check your status in membership detail

Note : If you try and extent beyond 20 years it again becomes a free membership…… so now you have to repeat again from step 2….. also note this is not a proper giveaway but a workaround trick….. the proper giveaway is of 1 year, so if you don't want to use the trick just apply step 1 and 2 and you can get 2 years for legit premium for free

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