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Giveaway: Skylum AirMagic for FREE

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6 thoughts on “Giveaway: Skylum AirMagic for FREE

  1. staff does not check links posted by users in the comment section, so take care and double check everything.
  2. Weird giveaway… cannot find the actual named product AirMagic on website, let alone for sale… lets see what google shows… back in march 2019… images hosted on do not render returning a 403 permission denied error.
    Something resembling this is for sale on but one reviewer found the 5 machine license maxed out at 3 not 5 and not all the stats reported reviews show up for some reason.
    Note you do not need to give them permission to send you marketing emails for this giveaway to have it say it sent an email with the download link you can leave the spam consent box unticked!

  3. @Tom,

    Try checking your security settings, especially the ransomware section. I had a problem with my Luminar 4 all of a sudden and after a number of [“try this and that nonsense”] complete uninstall all folders, reinstall blah blah, one Skylum CSR finally asked me to check in my security settings. Sure enough, under advanced settings in Ransomware, I needed to “add” Luminar 4 as a trusted app, and that was ALL I had to do without all the uninstall/reinstall nonsense. That opened up a whole kettle of fish as this also fixed a game I had problems with, as one example. Good ole W10, though I rather have the Ransomware app do it’s business, but, at least now I know to check it every so often, especially if I add a new program, and see if I need to add a trusted app to it.


  4. Would be nice to try but the exe file will not install due to a “having trouble connecting” error during installation. This has happened several times in the past with Skylum. Apparently a .msi version of the program will install but that is not available that I can find.

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