Giveaway: ScanPapyrus v17.00.0 for FREE

ScanPapyrus is a Windows desktop application for quick scanning of documents, books, or printed photos.

Download: ScanPapyrus-17.00.0.exemirror
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License key: WOEQ7-JDSA2-NSWD2-FKLF4-SHSL8

ScanPapyrus is a software application for scanning paper documents or paper books/copybooks using a flatbed scanner or multifunction device (scanner/printer/copier). ScanPapyrus can save scanned pages as a Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) document, or as multiple JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or PNG image files. It can automatically process scanned images (adjust contrast, clean the background, crop the image, and remove black stripes).

The key feature of this application is the automatic scanning of books or documents: ScanPapyrus can start scanning each page automatically at a specified time interval. During the in-between time, you can turn the page of a book or change the page of a document in the scanner.

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