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The latest proactive protection based computer startup and control application activity bundled with a virus scanner. Features of technology helps protect your computer from threats, even zero-day missing in the virus database, and prevent all kinds of hacker attacks. Works without an Internet connection, and regular updates on the machines minimum configurations and officially unsupported operating system, for example, Windows XP.

Safe`n`Sec SysWatch Personal – protection software for personal computers created on the basis of proactive intrusion prevention technologies at the host (HIPS).


Start Control to prevent unknown applications hidden installation and execution of unknown applications. Running applications in a restricted environment (sandbox) allows you to run applications without fear of potentially dangerous actions and exploitation by hackers software vulnerabilities. Monitor application activity does not allow malware to carry out unauthorized access to user data or to make them any changes. Assembling a complete profile of the system during the installation allows you to maintain the computer in known working condition.

In SysWatch Personal is available with a built-in virus scanner database from BitDefender.

IMPORTANT! Safe`n`Sec SysWatch is a reliable means of proactive protection against malware infection and external intrusion. Safe`n`Sec SysWatch not a classical Antivirus and is not intended to restore the infected computers.

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Download: SafenSoft_SysWatch.msimirror
License Key: HXM98X-1S7E2V-EUT26

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