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PC WorkBreak provides proper reminders to reduce your RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) risk. It offers multi-type break reminders such as micro-break, stretch, eye exercises and walk, based on your PC usage model. Compliance rates are also provided. Follow a good break setting will help heavy PC user to release body pain induced by long sitting or frequent keyboard/mouse usage. All break settings are configurable, and you can use your favorite picture or animation (gif) as reminder demo.

If your job is very stressful and you keep forgetting to take a break, then you surely could use a handy tool that can help you and remind you to do that. PC WorkBreak is such a handy tool that provides a very easy and efficient solution for this need.

PC WorkBreak is a simple to use, powerful and very useful tool that provides break reminders. Moreover, this piece of software provides multiple types of break reminders: for a simple break, for some stretching, for eye exercises or for having a walk. Also, PC WorkBreak lets you set the exact time when to take a break and also set the break duration.

Whenever the time for a break start or break end has arrived, you will be notified with a pop-up window, an image, a message or with the help of a played audio file. This amazing piece of software lets you change the type of the reminder, as well as the image, message and the audio file.

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