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Macrorit Partition Extender Pro provides the latest technology to effectively manage your hard drive and storage partitions.

License Key: 2CED50FA05421A2334EC50ED35F527023D0736F06EC391D163F9
License Key: 231A3C1560E678C591B396A3FE3BEA5ED19382ACD56BF9461F3D
License Key: 4AF356FF1630035BF6290C2978B262C9451F0E1849F8471B2A36

Extend system volume with unallocated space
Of course, you can still use unallocated space to extend the partition that is running out space, you can use the default Disk Management to shrink a large partition and create unallocated space for C Drive extending, which is never possible in Disk Management, but in Partition Extender, you can directly merge the unallocated space.
Extend C Drive (system partition) without unallocated space
Partition Extender is able to extend partition without unallocated space that is required in Disk Management, it will automatically use the free space from the partition next to it when you drag to handle to extend, so if you don't know how to create unallocated space, Partition Extender is the best solution to solve low disk space problem.

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