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Macrorit Disk Scanner Pro Edition Scans all disks at the same time, the ultimate solution for multiple disks scanning.

License Key: 33EA4FF904431A253FE147F40C280A25140F35FF7EA797B387D86AE6
License Key: EE2E10395CFA4D10241C013E45EF52FD2B1438F26DC879D199AABD89
License Key: 71A88AC3D274C697A080A5929193B79683BC63CD30F5240456E97DC9
License Key: AF69CD8690B791AC82A287B4CF54F656C37FA58FF133E34416293A16

The ultimate solution for multiple disks scanning, Scanner Scans all disks at the same time

Scan area feature is available for each disk, when Scanner find bad sectors on them, it will mark them as red to make it easy for you to isolate them

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