Giveaway: Kaspersky Small Office Security (2021 MR3 Beta) for FREE

Get a free license of Kaspersky Small Office Security for Windows (2021 MR3 Beta) for 1 year. Test an end-to-end solution that delivers robust security without requiring specialized IT skills

Download: link (download the KSOS*.exe)
Code: PW55W-TD62E-G613D-FEYA3

The license can only be activated for the Beta version of the antivirus
Is the product and / or computer “slow”? Disable Application Verifier and Driver Verifier tools
After installing the beta, the Application Verifier and Driver Verifier tools will be enabled by default. This can cause problems with the performance of your computer, so you can disable them by following these instructions:

Go to Settings> General and for the Debugging engines disabled section click Disable .
Restart your computer.

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