Giveaway: HT Parental Controls Software for FREE

Protect Your Children Online and Offline

Download: HT_Parental_Controls-17.1.1.exemirror
License Key: PRT24-SAXY2-VER21
License Key: PKF25-SAPX1-VERR2
Download: HT_Parental_Controls-15.0.3.exe
License Key: PAR22-SHR09-VER18

Install HT Parental Controls and protect all your family members, both when online and offline. With plenty of features ranging from website blocking and time controls to screen capture and email reporting the program will be your reliable assistant. Keep your kids safe on the Internet. Filter content and block all inappropriate websites and applications with HT Parental Controls. Unlike other programs, we didn't stop at blocking but supplied our program with every possible monitoring feature giving you full access to what's going on your computer.

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