Giveaway: Franzis HDR Projects Platin for Free

Franzis HDR Projects Platin is a High-Dynamic-Range Photography software especially designed for professional use that enables users to obtain stunning images. Even if you use professional cameras, many details in the highlights and shadows will be lost entirely when photographing. With the help of HDR projects platin, you have the possibility to return photos to their proper dynamic range with its wealth of detail.

It is possible to choose between seven newly developed HDR algorithms and 58 freely combined tone mapping presets – for quick and professional results. Individual image areas can be defined partially using mask mode with direct determination of weight in HDR fusion. Best HDR results can be achieved using the 32-bit area! There are 46 post-processing effects available for the free interpretation of your HDR pictures. These effects are classified in six categories: edge effects, geometric effects, exposure effects, blurring effects and artistic effects. Even smooth transitions in 360° panoramas are possible. Quick results are possible with the existing presets. By using the expert mode you create your own presets with a filter stack and discover the endless possibility of combinations in post-processing with the preset combiner.

Giveaway WIN: link
Giveaway MAC: link

Download WIN: HDR-projectes-platin-win-CHIP.exemirror
Download MAC: HDR-projectes-platin-mac-CHIP.zipmirror

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