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With the new light effects, you can turn grey time exposure shots into high-impact eye-catchers with a completely new visual effect.

With the 24 effect textures, which can also be combined with one another, you can change the whole feel of the lighting in just a few clicks.
You can expertly use the new exposure error effects to obtain a fascinating retro look in a matter of seconds.

With the sensitive, selective drawing function, you can intensify colours in specific regions. Of course we’ve all seen images where the user has simply turned the colour adjustment control up full – the result might be colourful and bright, but it’s completely unnatural.
Things are very different with COLOR projects 6: With the intelligent masking brush you simply paint freely over the kingfisher. The edges are detected automatically. In this way, the beak is masked to the nearest pixel and, with a different contour sensitivity setting, the feathers are also shown off in all their glory.
The kingfisher’s colours are now reproduced absolutely faithfully and the grey-green background is left untouched. In this way, the subject of the photo is perfectly isolated against the background.

Brand new in this version: SmartMask filter for intelligent, automatic masking of effects and newly developed Soft Skin filter for stunningly beautiful portraits. Select the most attractive look from the 23 portrait presets and go over the problematic skin areas with the brush, that’s it. The selection brush automatically recognises the eye parts and does not mask them. So the eyes always remain sharp!

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