Giveaway: Entourage to Outlook Transfer v5.4.0.7 for FREE

Migrate Entourage to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2010 & earlier.

Download: EntouragetoOutlookTransfer-

So, you are done with Microsoft Entourage on Mac and want to use a more up-to-date Outlook on Windows? Well, here is how you can transfer e-mails from one to the other. The tool is called Entourage to Outlook Transfer. Not the most creative name ever, but at least you will easily remember that. The tool works like this: You select a folder with your Entourage files. Then, you select a PST file to transfer e-mails, attachments etc. Finally, you run the transfer and pretty quickly end up with your new Outlook mail box mirroring the old one from Entourage. You'll hardly find an easier way, so download the tool and finish the transfer of your messages today.

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