Giveaway: Cisdem PDFCompressor v2.0.0 for Mac Free

Cisdem PDFCompressor for Mac is a PDF compressor and size reducer. It allows you to reduce the size of all your PDF files by up to 90% while keeping their original quality intact. With Cisdem PDFCompressor for Mac, you can save a lot of space and share PDF files with your colleagues, friends, and family much faster. Best of all, Cisdem PDFCompressor for Mac supports batch processing, so you can reduce the size of multiple PDFs at the same time, with the click of one button.

Product Page: link
Download: cisdem-pdfcompressor.dmg
License Key: 5fQsFFx6NVsxXTM4fO6m

Buy Cisdem PDFCompressor for Mac with free lifetime upgrades (50% discount)

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