Giveaway: BLACK & WHITE projects 5 (Win&Mac) for FREE

Giveaway: winmac
Download: franzis-blackwhite-5.52.02653-windows.zipfranzis-blackwhite-5.52.02653-macos.zipmirror

Just seconds after reading in your original image, BLACK & WHITE projects 5 now provides 139 versions of your image. There are 160 ideas for pictures, 139 inspirations, 160 good advice, 139 tips … Each picture is individually analyzed and given the best possible effects, no example is like the other!

Discover the expressiveness and beauty of black and white photography ! BW projects turns your pictures into masterful works of art and is the ideal tool for monochrome high-end pictures from all areas of photography

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4 thoughts on “Giveaway: BLACK & WHITE projects 5 (Win&Mac) for FREE

  1. staff does not check links posted by users in the comment section, so take care and double check everything.
  2. You have to agree to letting them use your email address for direct marketing purposes in order to participate in this “giveaway”

    • they give you this for free and you can opt out later on
      we live in marketing debt based economy
      if you get it for free it’s no skin off your nose…

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