Giveaway: Battlefield 4 Night Operations DLC for Free

As day turns to night, the Graveyard Shift begins. A new set of soldiers takes the battlefield. Adapt to the darkness… or else. Use night vision and thermal imaging to expose enemies. Flashlights and flares are at your disposal, but beware – they can give away your position. The night is your ally – use it.

Game Features:

Play an all-new map. You're on the Graveyard Shift. Explore and dominate the new map, a night version of Zavod 311.

Six modes to dominate. Play a slew of modes including, Conquest, Rush, Obliteration, as well as infantry focused modes like Team Death Match, Domination, and Gun Master.

Use gadgets and own the night. Get a tactical advantage by using night vision scopes, flares and other gadgets to reveal enemy positions. Destroy light sources to stay under cover.

You have other senses. Use them. Can’t see the enemies? Listen closely. Is that sound coming from inside or outside, above or below?

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