Giveaway: ArtenSoft Tilt Shift Generator 1.2.53 for Free

If you wish to create miniature scenes using a tilt-shift effect, you have two options – either you buy a specific (and pricey) lens for it, or you make use of Artensoft Tilt Shift Generator to transform your photographs into as many different miniature scale models as you wish without losing the original shot. The program’s high level of flexibility and its extremely straightforward approach make this tool suitable for all types of users.

Re-create the tilt-shift effects by using your PC – no tilt-shift lens required! Make stunning dioramas by using computer-generated tilt-shift effect. Tilt-Shift Generator helps you reproduce the appearance of a miniature scale model in post processing without restricting yourself to a certain angle at the time of shooting – and without investing in expensive tilt-shift glass.


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