Giveaway: ApowerSoft ApowerCompress for FREE

ApowerCompress is a very handy and great file compression tool which supports compressing videos, images and PDF files.

License Key: F2608-B2817-O9BIY-6E811
License Key: C9276-5F41L-RECEU-83B57
License Key: C2804-A9B1P-Q18DV-8278A
License Key: 9A41E-21337-H32SK-AF4E1

Activation method:

Without account: Click “Log in & Sign up” > Click “Sign up” > Input “Email” > Click “Get” > Input “Verification Code” and “Password” > Click “Sign up” > Click “Activate VIP” > Input “Activation code” > Click “OK”.

With account: Click “Log in & Sign up” > Input “Email and Password” > Click “Log in” > Click “Activate VIP” > Input “Activation code” > Click “OK”.


You can use it to compress files in PNG, JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, GIF, MP4, AVI, MOV, RMVB, WEBM, FLV, PDF format and so on.

Main features:
Supports compressing images, PDFs and videos in multiple formats.
Displays original and compressed file size.
Can batch compress files at a fast speed.
Allows you to customize compressed video size.
Supports identifying video aspect ratio.
Offers compression strength option.

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