Giveaway: Aoao Watermark for Photo Free

Aoao Watermark for Photo is perfect Image watermarking software specially designed to help protect ownership of images by adding stunning text, image & frames watermark on photos create for business or home use. In the same time Crop, Resize or Rename mass volume of images with fast speed & zero quality loss ! Simple UI with superior controls provides great flexibility in making pro like watermark on photo in seconds.




Giveaway version gives no premium features and it’s suitable for Home use only.


Update: Oct 2015

Download: watermark_Oct2015.exe
License Key: AO-AWMB-C000E00781-0043FFA6E7-7CD3EAE1F2

Download: watermark.exewatermark.exe (dropbox)
License Key: AO-AWMB-AEFB200781-00E6FFE5AF-095BFBC7EE – AO-AWMB-B415800781-40F5FCFEF4-C815CDDEE1
License: AO-AWMB-B641C00781-0056FFB1DE-26B9F2C2F5
Download: watermark_latest_giveaway.exemirror

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