Giveaway: AceThinker Video Editor (Win/Mac) for FREE

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Download: link

Create stunning movies from any video, music and image
Edit videos with various tools like split, merge, crop & rotate
Stylize video with magic transitions, filters, overlays and music
Share your amazing masterpiece almost anywhere you like
Easy and user-friendly interface for all-level creators

8 thoughts on “Giveaway: AceThinker Video Editor (Win/Mac) for FREE

  1. staff does not check links posted by users in the comment section, so take care and double check everything.
      1. Copyright infringement is using someone else’s creative work, which can include a song, a video, a movie clip, a piece of visual art, a photograph, and other creative works, without authorization or compensation, if compensation is appropriate.

        1. It’s an ace thinker (the owners of the app) giveaway smart guy, that means giveaway of the day does not own it and the. So that would mean that THEY stole it by your way of thinking.

          Not to mention giveaway of the day can not claim copyright in any way to ace thinker’s app. Where would you even come up with that?

          Think before running off at the mouth.

    1. Not sure if my other post went though, but this is an ace thinker, the owners of the app, giveaway so it’s NOT owned by giveaway of the day. Look on their website. It’s easy, one of the links above goes to it.

      Giveaway of the day also cannot claim copyright on someone else’s app. What are you, 12?

    1. Mine says “your vip account has already expired” the second time I open it. Before that there was nothing in the expiration.

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