Giveaway: Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro for WIN and MAC Free


– Record screen with audio simultaneously
– Edit your screencast in real time with the built-in editor
– Share screenshots/screencasts anywhere you like
– Record screen according to your schedule automatically

5 thoughts on “Giveaway: Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro for WIN and MAC Free

  1. staff does not check links posted by users in the comment section, so take care and double check everything.
  2. The promo offers are for everyone, not just for one page, right? Or is there a copy right on the Giveaway link? wtf

    1. The promo offers are for everyone to use – but not to re-publish those on your website pretending you run those!
      We don’t allow republishing the offers with no back links or even leaving the note where the promo came from!
      This is direct copyright violation and we have asked the moderator here to stop this practice, but it doesn’t work.
      So we’ll post the source ourselves and will ask this site users to stop supporting stealing the offers and respect other people work and developers, who didn’t agree their work to be redistributed without their approval! Let’s give your salary to another person who also pretended to do your job! Would you agree?

    1. Often this sites version of the giveaway is BETTER than the original, it also gives a place to leave a comment where the original site is so heavily censoring and editing comments that no honest comments are allowed to go public only general chit chat and meaningless comments go public. There is moderation here but it is far less trigger happy.

      1. If there was no original giveaway on the Giveawayoftheday site – there would be no offer here.
        So in which point is this site better? You are leaving the comment to whom here? There are no program representatives here, nor the people who actually organized the promo. Better in stealing other site offers and letting all the comments come through – sure, this site doesn’t communicate directly with the developers, does nothing to organize the promo, has no responsibility! All you need to do is to surf the Internet, collect the offers, violate copyrights and viola – you’ve got a giveaway site!

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