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Blocks permanently nerving applications and services.

Download: appblocker2020_bdj-April2020.exemirrormirror2
Registration Name: ONLY-FOR-PRIVATE-USE-BDJ2020
Registration Key: 00EN-CC37287A-8FC4E4C022-U19V7

Many processes and services are started automatically during Windows logon. These programs are partially invisible to the user and perform tasks such as monitoring the machine and user, checking for updates, or performing periodic tasks. These processes require some computing power and can only be disabled cumbersomely or not with Windows-Boardmittel.
The software abylon APP-BLOCKER groups the entries in categories, such as Autostart, Registry, AntiSpy, programs, services and drivers. Here you can deactivate them permanently or remove them completely. Information about the individual processes is displayed in the info block and online on the homepage.
An essential function of the software abylon APP-BLOCKER is the prevention of computer and user monitoring. Under the category AntiSpy critical services, internet connections and registry entries can be deactivated or changed with one click.

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