Free ThunderSoft Audio Recorder 10.2.0


Download: ThunderSoft_Audio_Recorder-10.2.0-sos.exemirror
Registration Key: 87403-57816-21853-74596-97438-47143
License Key: 62976-57112-21853-87451-27866-62073

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ThunderSoft Audio Recorder is an exceptional tool designed to capture and record audio with utmost precision and ease. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, this software empowers users to capture high-quality sound from a wide range of sources. Whether you're a podcaster, musician, journalist, or simply someone who enjoys recording audio, ThunderSoft Audio Recorder offers the versatility and convenience you need.

Key Features:

Multiple Audio Sources: Record audio from various sources, including microphone input, system sound, streaming music platforms, online radio, VoIP calls, and more. Capture any sound playing on your computer effortlessly.

High-Quality Recording: Enjoy crystal-clear audio recordings with ThunderSoft Audio Recorder. The software supports high-quality audio formats like WAV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, and more, ensuring that your recordings retain their original clarity and fidelity.

Schedule Recording: Set up scheduled recordings to automatically capture audio at specified times. This feature is particularly useful for recording radio shows, live streams, or any time-sensitive audio content.

Audio Editing: Enhance your recordings with built-in editing tools. Trim, cut, merge, and apply various audio effects to perfect your recordings. Remove background noise, normalize volume levels, or add fade-in/out effects effortlessly.

Automatic Gain Control: ThunderSoft Audio Recorder features an automatic gain control (AGC) option that adjusts the input volume automatically, ensuring consistent recording levels without clipping or distortion.

Recording Preview: Preview the audio before recording to ensure that everything is set up correctly. Adjust input levels, select the desired audio source, and monitor the sound in real-time to achieve optimal recording settings.

File Management: Organize and manage your recorded audio files efficiently. ThunderSoft Audio Recorder offers a built-in file browser for easy navigation, allowing you to rename, delete, or categorize your recordings effortlessly.

Easy-to-Use Interface: The user-friendly interface of ThunderSoft Audio Recorder makes it accessible to users of all experience levels. Navigate through the software's features, adjust settings, and start recording with just a few clicks.

ThunderSoft Audio Recorder is a reliable and feature-rich solution for capturing high-quality audio from various sources. Whether you need to record your voice, online music, podcasts, or any other audio content, this software provides the tools and flexibility to meet your needs. Experience seamless recording, editing, and file management with ThunderSoft Audio Recorder and preserve your favorite sounds with ease.

2 thoughts on “Free ThunderSoft Audio Recorder 10.2.0

  1. staff does not check links posted by users in the comment section, so take care and double check everything.
  2. works a lot better under windows 10 but the Settings | File tab inconsistencies remain e.g. select 512Kbps in the FLAC setting which is an invalid parameter does NOT change to the nearest sensible usable bitrate when one selects MP3 file output type. The drop down list of bit rates is correct maxing out at 320Kbps but the UI does not enforce that completely standard limitation of MP3 encoding! Also when monitoring the ongoing inputs with both computer sounds and microphone recording selected if a output sound is forced by clicking the systems speaker volume control the waveform display *apears* to turn down the microphone record level for the duration of the playing sound and the rooms background noise signal representation vanishes for the duration of the playing sound and when the sound has faded out the representation of the background noise returns… it is purely cosmetic as the microphones record levels do not really reduce in the recorded output file. Not a show stopper bug but it makes it look wrong and as if something goes bad with a given recording. When in reality it does not. (shakes the confidence in the programs actions)

  3. seems to be a non-expiring license. Key starting with 62976 works the one starting with 87403 does not. “Test” button on GUI to test the selected capture method on my vista system in a RDP terminal session throws an exception and launches a strange popup window that extends below the bottom of the 900 pixel high desktop and above it with nothing rendered in it just a white background that renders the program STUCK SOLID I will have to use task manager to end the task and restart and forever avoid the “Test” button. Ah on further experiments choosing the individual input choices renders it’s own “Test” button it seems if I choose anyone that has the systems built in microphones included the Access Violation at address NNNNNNN in module “WaveRec.dll”, Read of address 00000112. occours. and Alt+F4 gets out it. for me… the microphone record settings will have to be set externally to the program in the standard windows “Sound” user interface. In the Settings for Files (the codec and its settings) if FLAC is chosen the Audio Bitrate is irrelevant and there is no option to choose bit width of samples i.e. 16 or 24bit. Ugh ok deal breaker on pressing the Record button when both Computer and Microphone to record the program ends unceremoniously with a Close/Debug alert box but manages to record on either computer sounds and just microphones. So for me there are too many deal breaker/show stopper bugs in this on my Vista media server to be used in earnest. Shame but I guess this SOS giveaway was an unannounced alpha/beta test build. 10.2 from their website which has different license key hash to the SOS installer also has the same bugs so looks like 10.2 itself is a loosely tested alpha build and even paying customers are being forced into installing poorly tested software! Tsk Tsk!

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