Free Allavsoft Downloader for Windows and MacOS

Download for Windows:
Download for MacOS: allavsoft-mac.dmg
License Key for Windows: DC71-E902-6431-1508-CFA7-3FB5-208A-36FD
License Key for Mac: DC71-DD55-13D8-3FBF-29F2-7933-4D75-7A1F

License Key for Windows: DC70-7C5F-40E5-F4E9-0FD7-CAC1-62E8-AD36
License Key for Mac: DFA3-805E-62EF-90E3-5EA3-0271-3F88-52A4
License Key for Windows: DC66-CA1C-E311-FC73-E9CE-9C3C-E8C6-1A10
License Key for Mac: DF80-FBB2-9661-B67C-3219-EBF2-1904-7BF8
License Key for Windows: DC65-F287-A1B5-2C22-3234-E038-C131-B50D
License Key for Mac: DF76-2003-6BD0-EF91-D9EB-1FC7-F9E6-0D6D
License Key for Windows: DC4E-DB06-7553-8C81-6091-D4DE-FC19-F2CA
License Key for Windows: DC5A-D281-A199-2C93-54A0-7EA7-F6B3-8CD6
License Key for Windows: DC69-07AA-6918-6992-8330-DF9A-27F1-E201
License Key for Mac: DD9E-0957-71CC-84C9-2D53-E563-EAE8-5CFA
License Key for Mac: DD29-1EC1-881B-7F06-A163-5EB0-006C-DB88

Allavsoft Downloader is a comprehensive software designed to simplify the process of downloading videos, music, playlists, and other media content from popular websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, and many more. Whether you want to save videos for offline viewing, extract audio tracks from videos, or download entire playlists, Allavsoft is the ultimate solution for all your media downloading needs.

Key Features:

Wide Website and Format Support: Allavsoft Downloader supports an extensive range of websites, including video-sharing platforms, social media sites, and streaming services. From popular platforms like YouTube and Vimeo to specialized sites catering to specific content genres, Allavsoft ensures compatibility and enables you to download content from your preferred sources. It also supports various video and audio formats, allowing you to choose the most suitable format for your needs.

Batch and High-Speed Downloads: Save time and effort with Allavsoft's batch downloading feature. It enables you to download multiple videos or audio files simultaneously, making it ideal for downloading entire playlists, albums, or video collections. Additionally, Allavsoft utilizes advanced technology to ensure fast download speeds, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waiting times.

Video and Audio Conversion: In addition to downloading, Allavsoft offers built-in video and audio conversion capabilities. You can easily convert downloaded videos or audio files to various formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, WAV, and more. This feature allows you to adapt media files to different devices, media players, or editing software, ensuring compatibility and flexibility.

Downloading and Editing Subtitles: Allavsoft enables you to download video subtitles along with the main content. It supports multiple subtitle formats and provides options for selecting and customizing subtitles during the download process. This feature is especially useful for international videos, language learners, or individuals who prefer to watch videos with subtitles. Additionally, Allavsoft allows you to embed downloaded subtitles into videos permanently.

Convenient Screen Recording: Allavsoft goes beyond traditional downloading capabilities by offering a built-in screen recording feature. You can capture your screen activity, including live streams, video conferences, gameplay, or any other on-screen content, and save it as a video file. This versatile feature eliminates the need for separate screen recording software, providing an all-in-one solution for capturing and saving screen-based content.

Allavsoft Downloader is a powerful and versatile software that revolutionizes the way you download and enjoy online media content. With its wide website and format support, batch downloading capabilities, conversion options, subtitle integration, and screen recording feature, Allavsoft provides a comprehensive solution for all your media downloading and recording needs. Elevate your media consumption experience and take control of your favorite videos and music with Allavsoft Downloader. Start exploring its features today and unlock a world of endless entertainment possibilities.

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  2. License Key for Windows: DC0F-0679-A743-9A45-2630-90CB-6EA4-E464
    License Key for Windows: DDF7-9338-B530-E495-979B-1740-FB08-9AA6
    License Key for Windows: DD9E-070B-0E18-F803-303C-70E5-2C46-0C89
    License Key for MacOS: DD9E-0957-71CC-84C9-2D53-E563-EAE8-5CFA
    License Key for MacOS: DD78-9C09-85AA-8730-4FFC-EFB2-F6B3-7AC2

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