Bitsum ParkControl Pro v1.0.0.4 for FREE

ParkControl Pro is an elegantly small utility to monitor and adjust Windows CPU core parking and frequency scaling settings for each power plan. It has been shown that these power-saving mechanisms, present even in the default High Performance power plan, are detrimental to the performance of bursting CPU loads, which happen to be the most common type. This is because ramp-up time is insufficient. By disabling, or tuning down, these mechanisms, the user can achieve additional CPU performance.

ParkControl Pro is packaged in an installer with a dynamically changing system tray icon to indicate core parking status. Further, it’s main window shows core parking and frequency scaling in real-time, as well as allows instant adjustments, with no reboots required.

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Download: parkcontrolsetup32.exeparkcontrolsetup64.exe
License Key: 5d1477519f0652769ba037ce9f63780a

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