PC Game Giveaway: MyPlayCity Jewel Quest Seven Seas Collectors Edition for FREE

The famous jewel adventurers, Rupert and Emma are back…

Website: https://www.bigfishgames.com/games/11611/jewel-quest-seven-seas/
Download: JewelQuestSevenSeas.zip

Dive into this exciting adventure by matching 3+ jewels as fast as you can. Jewel Quest: Seven Seas stays true to its roots – giving longtime Jewel Quest fans a “pure” jewel matching experience while delighting new players with jewel swapping tricks unique to this beloved series. Exciting new elements include new jewels to match, new tools and power-ups as well a never-before seen Collapse-style mode!

Hundreds of levels of gem-matching fun
Match 4 jewels to create a Ship Wheel
The Midas Touch tool will turn any tile gold
14 unique environments

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