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WonderFox DVD Video Converter is really a well-designed program that maybe you have converting video files with ease.

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Video converters are pretty easy ahead by these days. What's not easy is to get one with so many features that the duty becomes fun. WonderFox DVD Video Converter is merely that, fun and easy all wrapped up in a robust package. It can also be fast, quickly compared to another converter I've used.

On many occasion I used an application where either there's a lengthy tutorial or no instructions at all to share with you what things to do. I have not had one to really make the job of employing their program really easy as to utilize arrows and easy to follow along with detailed instructions on the key software screen to share with you only how to utilize their program. The tutorial alone makes this software a cut above the rest.

You are able to convert a movie by dragging it onto the screen, you are able to click the “Add Files” button, you can even download a movie, (this would only be when you have the specific URL of the file) or you are able to load a DVD and convert it. There are 4 ways to accomplish these original steps that can be amazing.
The next thing may demand a few thought, nonetheless it can be simple and easy. Depending on the video format your play back device uses, you are able to change the format my selecting the down arrow just under “Output Format” on the proper side of the screen. This may open a selection with a wide selection of options. For example, users can convert.

Because of this example, I selected AVI, and once chosen every one of the variables are set for you. I understand that from my experience, I am finding that occasionally some changes must be built to the typical settings and so on the reduced right side of the screen just above the “Run” button is “Setting”. That is where you could make some changes to create of the video. Remember that should you make the incorrect changes here, your video might not play at all if you are done, so only make changes here if do you know what you're doing. You also can copy DVDs to USB with easy operation, just need to choose USB in the output. It must be noted that you can copy DVDs to hard drive thus you can watch videos at your convenient.

The last step is just about the hardest one all. Click “Run”. In the event that you accomplished this just great, your video will undoubtedly be done, and you will undoubtedly be notified shortly. Once it is completed, a pop-up window will open asking you if you intend to open the output folder. This provides you with usage of the finished video, and you are able to use it where you want. If couldn't be simpler, or could it?
If you appear up at the very the top of software window, you can find a couple of glasses. In the event that you hover your mouse over them, they indicate something for people older people who might need only a little extra help. Everything we only spoke about can be carried out with huge buttons and a straight simpler interface.

The past feature is one I discovered by accident. When you yourself have a movie on the screen to convert, there's an edit option merely to the proper side of where your awaiting video is located. It says “Edit” .This lets you make some adjustments to the specific video like rotating the video, flipping it in order that left becomes right and right becomes left, or adding a couple of affects to the video. You may also execute a snapshot of a certain frame if you want.

I could see some invaluable functions here, along with some room to incorporate more, but for the present time, it is a good start.
What I must say i love about WonderFox DVD Video Converter is that it generally does not take hours and hours of time to work out. I converted my first video in minutes, I also converted 7 videos, which were over an hour or so long, in less time than it took to convert one file on another video converter. This one fact is quite exciting if you ask me, as it indicates I could have more done and never having to wait forever to accomplish it. This system is one I will suggest to whoever has a pile of videos that must be converted and wants them done fast and with style.
One note, and it's not the fault with this software, however, many videos by the fact of the direction they were encoded originally might not convert. I experienced this take place with other applications before so if the foundation video is some odd format it could have issues.

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  1. staff does not check links posted by users in the comment section, so take care and double check everything.
  2. Had a registered older version, serial doesn’t work and the serial for the older one is expired. Someone who has a working one?

      1. The licence key that appear above (VC-DVCB-95AFE00785-E325BCFFBB-2265E5FAFB) is the same as that in the docx file in the zip file you name. Also registered myself for mailing list on the Wonderfox giveaway page and downloaded this product directly as one of the free gifts made available… again it’s the same licence key but it fails registration as ‘invalid registratiion information’. Tried it several times both typed and cut & pasted all with same result = failure!

        1. I tested it and you are right, as usual the one i do not test before is the one that will fail this site. I was trusting it because i tried the other gift which worked ok.

  3. License Key: VC-DVCB-6EEC500786-43A131D65B-9DD12BFF70
    License Key: VC-DVCB-8E5C400785-BD92E2F841-99E28DFF83 (valid before September 26, 2019)
    License Key: VC-DVCB-8E62800785-148806DF90-01D0C09915
    License Key: VC-DVCB-8E0AE00785-EDE211FF28-E8027EBD7C
    License Key: VC-DVCB-842B800785-09AE34722F-A9EED3F6C1
    License Key: VC-DVCB-9036900784-253898FC83-F65033FF4F

  4. Best review ever!!! The description and images are a refreshing addition, identifying features of the giveaway. Hope this is a new trend.


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