Giveaway: Wise Duplicate Finder Pro v1.x for FREE

Find and Delete Duplicate Files on Windows.

Download: WDFSetup_swcz-
Download: WDFSetup_hotropc-
Download: WDFSetup_vmancer-
Download: WDFSetup_mydigitallife-
Download: WDFSetup_net-load-
Download: WDFSetup_ihaveapc-
Download: WDFSetup_1.2.9.32.exe
Download: WDFSetup_hotropc-1.2.9.exe
Download: WDFSetup_softwaregiveaway-
Download: Wise_Duplicate_Finder_Pro-
License Key: Pre Registered

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Das Kapital

I really don’t recommend this tool because its implementation is clumsy and its performance is woeful. I wrote my own duplicate file finder about 6 months ago. I benchmarked the two tools against each other in the following way. (1) I ran my tool, then I rebooted, (2) I ran Wise’s tool. I waited two weeks. (3) I then ran the Wise tool, then I rebooted. (4) I ran my tool again. Benchmark results were as follows: my tool – 90 seconds for 10tb (each time). Wise was 45 minutes+ for the exact same file set (both times). If you’re… Read more »


WDFSetup_swcz- not listed there. Please add. Thanks.