Giveaway: Wise Care 365 Pro for FREE

Clean registry and junk files from your PCs. Protect your privacy and make your PCs more secure. Provide a better option of optimizing and accelerating your computer!

Download: WiseCare365_tickcoupon- – mirror
Buy Wise Care 365 Pro (Lifetime license/1 PC) with 50% discount
Download: WiseCare365_Giveawaysnetworks_5.4.6.542.exemirror
Download: WiseCare365_chip.de_5.4.6.542.exemirror
Download: WiseCare365_sos-
Download: WiseCare365_WinxDvD-
Download: WiseCare365_MiniTool-
Download: WiseCare365_WinxDvD-
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Download: WiseCare365_bitsdujour-5.2.9_Build524.exe
Download: WiseCare365_vmancer-
Download: WiseCare365_donotcrack.exe (Version
Download: WiseCare365_tickcoupon.exe (Version
Download: WiseCare365_mydigitallife-5.2.3.exe
Download: WiseCare365_bitsdujour-5.2.1.exemirror
Download: WiseCare365_net-load-5.1.9.exe
Download: WiseCare365_vmancer-5.1.9.exe
Download: WiseCare365_pcsoftmag-4.8.9.exemirror
Download: WiseCare365_softwaregiveaway-4.8.3.exemirror
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Download: WiseCare365_Tickcoupon-4.7.3.exemirror
Download: WiseCare365_bitsdujour-4.7.2.exemirror
Download: WiseCare365_allsoftwarediscount-4.7.1.exemirror

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18 thoughts on “Giveaway: Wise Care 365 Pro for FREE

  1. staff does not check links posted by users in the comment section, so take care and double check everything.
        1. Downloaded the WiseCare365_Giveawaysnetworks_5.4.6.542.exe (the failed one was WiseCare365_chip.de_5.4.6.542.exe) and installed OK now. Thanks!

      1. It said Win32:Malware-gen. But I tried downloading it again and now the notification does not appear. Strange.

    1. Which one of them ?
      I downloaded 3 and all were extractable with innounp.
      No passwords.
      They DO require “free” on-line registration though. Through Paypal ….
      Expect plenty of spam.

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