Giveaway: StrongRecovery for Free

StrongRecovery is an intelligent undelete and data restoration solution that easily recovers files of all majority of file systems: NTFS, FAT32 / FAT16 / FAT12, Ext2 / Ext3, ReiserFS, HPFS, and EXFAT. It helps you restore files from formatted, damaged, or deleted partitions and works with internal drives and external drives (USB drives, portable media, memory cards, smartphones, tablets, etc. — anything you can connect and see in Windows is supported). Best of all, you have the option of using StrongRecovery’s installer or portable versions.



Download: StrongRecovery.exeStrongRecoveryPortable.zipkey.lic

Download and install StrongRecovery or download and unzip it if you get the portable
version. Then simply run StrongRecovery and it will automatically download
the license file you need and automatically register itself – just make
sure you have an active internet connection.

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