Giveaway: Steganos Privacy Suite 16 License for Free

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Privacy Suite Steganos – a comprehensive set of tools to protect your data on the PC and the Internet with the use of methods of cryptography and steganography (the method of encryption of data, which hides the fact of encryption).

The program allows you to encrypt the data, keeping them on the virtual encrypted disk (the encryption of information occurs at a rate of about 1 Gbit / s); hide information in audio and image files while retaining full performance (image can be viewed, you can listen to music); conduct encrypted correspondence by e-mail; lock the computer; delete files without leaving the slightest chance of recovery, etc. The program is equipped with a protective mechanism that prevents the loss of information when, for example, power failure and other troubles.

Giveaway: link
Download: sss16intwr.exe

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