Giveaway: Skylum Aurora HDR 2018 for FREE

Giveaway: link
Giveaway: link
Giveaway: linklink
Download: Aurora_HDR_2018.exeAurora_HDR_2018.dmg

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Email code received ! Installed ok . = Not working ! When program launched NOTHING happen 🙁

Find a working Giveaway link at

Klucze przychodzą. Promocja jest aktualna . 14.01.2019r.

this is a rip-off, the key they said was AURORA HDR 2018 but when I paste it in it is like this AURO-RA HDR 2-018 & It will not work & no way of fixing it, this will only make it worst for their company

“Once you’ve downloaded and installed Aurora HDR 2018, simply launch your new software and use the following activation key to activate Aurora HDR 2018:” ****************

************** …. the key or an emtpy room / no key

there is no key only Aurora HDR 2018

Also no key here.
Possible reasons: a restriction of geo-location or more likely they simply ran out of keys.
This is a promo of Digital Camera Magazine 1/2019
Solution: Kindly they will provide more keys soon or they will bind the key to some info found in this issue of the magazine

It’s not free. It’s not the key in email

no activation key in email sent by Skylum team

Hi netload team, post the key here

the key is unique for each user