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Screen Beagle, Advanced Screen Utilities Pack

Download: Screen_Beagle_Pro-1.71.exemirror
License Key: CKQE4278

A sophisticated screen-viewing window which is sizable from 50 to 500 pixels, and which can zoom from x1 to x10 with special feature for men with low vision – High contrast.
An advanced screenshot utility which can copy either the screen, or a selected part of the screen to either the clipboard, or to a GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP or TIF file.
This unique utility can measure distances and angles between any two points on the screen. Since version 1.2 Screen Beagle can measure distanses in inches and millimeters. Available ony in Pro version.
This useful utility can acquire the color of any pixel on the screen, transform it into text formats (RGB, RGB Hex, and HTML), and display these text representations or copy them to the clipboard.

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