Giveaway: Recovery Mechanic 5.1 for Free

Recovery Mechanic is one of the best data recovery solutions available for the money. Being the most affordable data recovery tool of the company's product range, Recovery Mechanic offers fully automated recovery of deleted files and folders from all types of disks and flash memory cards.

Recovers Lost Information

Hard drives can go wonky from time to time. System errors, virus attacks and hardware problems contribute to loss of data. Recovery Mechanic can recover files and folders from all types of damaged, corrupted or inaccessible hard drives by applying a set of advanced data recovery algorithms that will scan the entire surface of the damaged drive in order to restore as many files as possible. More than 200 types of files can be recovered even from disks that have been corrupted, reformatted, repartitioned consecutively. All that with just a few clicks!

Download: Recovery_Mechanic.zipmirror
RegName: recoverymechanic

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