Giveaway: proDAD Heroglyph V4 LE for FREE

Heroglyph V4 LE Titling and Motion Graphics Software from proDAD is a video editing plug-in that provides templates designed to help you create titles, highlight travel routes, assemble “video wall” effects that combine multiple moving images, animate handscript, produce newscaster-style lower thirds, and more.

With over 500 templates, there are themes aimed at video projects of nearly every kind, including travelogue, news, wedding, documentary, and corporate.

Giveaway: link


Download: heroglyph-40-le32bit.exemirror
Download x64: heroglyph-40-le64bit.exemirror


Time limited deal/s
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3 thoughts on “Giveaway: proDAD Heroglyph V4 LE for FREE

  1. Followed instructions, received x64 version link and product key via email. Installed program and there isn’t anyplace to enter the key. Clicked on Help > Installation and Registration; form appears same as on the website to create an account, etc. I already had an account resulting from email link.Clicked About button; msg reads “Licensee: LE Tryout – Demo
    This license expires on Thursday. 12 January 2017!”

    Clicked “Load license…” button below it, resulting in file explorer window opening, prompting for a License file {*.mtkey}.

    What’s wrong with this process if they already gave a key w/o a field to enter it and are asking for a key-file instead???

    Makes no sense!!!

      • Thanks sigma.
        Installed & uninstalled twice, then downloaded again and it asked for license as you described. Don’t know why it worked after the second D/L, but I do appreciate your time & input.

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