Giveaway: Password Protect Folder and USB for Free

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Password Protect USB will lock an unlimited number of folders with your personal passwords. You don`t have to move all your files to a special secure folder for their protection, you will be able to set a password on any folder you have. The program protects folders on your internal hard drive as well as on USB external and removable drive and you can protect/unprotect them on any computer your drive is plugged into.

First time you will need to run Password Protect USB from the installation directory. Then just right-click the folder in Windows Explorer and select “Lock With Password Protect USB” from the right-click menu. You do not need to run the program to unlock your folder, just double-click the folder in the right pane of Windows Explorer and enter your password.

Password Protect allows you to lock, encrypt and protect an unlimited number of folders with your passwords. The program supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 98, 2000, NT, ME.

Download: PasswordProtect.zipmirror

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