Giveaway: Paragon Virtualization Manager 14 Compact for Free

The benefits of virtualization without being too technical and for free. Paragon Virtualization Manager 14 Compact is a powerful Virtual OS management software to help you easily migrate a Windows-based computer to a virtual environment (P2V) of a major virtualization software vendor, regardless of how or where the computer is being backed up. Programs, files and user settings are transferred automatically with zero user downtime. Even if you moved from PC to Mac – you can continue using your Windows PC on your new Mac with VMware Fusion.

Solves virtualization challenges efficiently!

Smooth migration of a live physical Windows PC to a ready-to-go virtual machine
Unique ConnectVD technology for maintenance and configuration of virtual drives
Complete independence from the used hypervisor – one action V2V migration
Seamless shift of a Windows virtual machine to a physical hardware platform
Up to 200% speed increase when using our solution for data exchange between VMs
Support of all popular hypervisors

20 percent coupon code: DMX-6V5-7UT
30 percent special promotion coupon code for NTFS for Mac 12 is SUJ-W1W-LCK

Product Page: link
Giveaway: link
Download: Paragon-275-FRE_WinInstallSNU_10.1.21.165_000.msi

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