Giveaway: O&O MediaRecovery 11 for FREE

Recovers lost, deleted photos, music and video files.

Giveaway: link
Download: OOMediaRecovery11Enu.exeOOMediaRecovery1164Enu.exemirror


4 thoughts on “Giveaway: O&O MediaRecovery 11 for FREE

  1. I have no complain against O & O Software!! My complain was some unusual ads that i have pass thorough to get giveaway link or Download link(Of course complain against RG host) & that ads crashed my browser.It seems my previous comments has deleted 🙂
    Nevertheless,i like this site 🙂
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Giveaway & Download link has Nasty Ads!! Please stop it!!
    My Firefox Continuous crashing! … eventually Unusable 🙁
    Now restore my backup.What a shame …

    • there are no nasty ads there, maybe from rapidgator but surely not from giveaway link, upgrade your firefox or add “ublock origin” extension to it

    • 1. simply go to the Giveaway: link
      2. Enter email-adress you can read to get your individual serial number and direct downloadlink from the vendor.

      (O&O: good, clean and trustworthy software from Germany)

      many thanks!

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