Giveaway: O&O Defrag v19 Pro for Free

O&O Defrag is a powerful and highly configurable hard drive defragmentation tool.

Giveaway: linklink
Download x64: OODefrag19Professional64Enu.exe
Download x32: OODefrag19ProfessionalEnu.exe


4 thoughts on “Giveaway: O&O Defrag v19 Pro for Free

  1. This giveaway is only for Computer Shopper reader 🙁
    “Enter the magazine coupon code you can find in the November 2017 issue of Computer Shopper”
    The price for this magazine is £4.99 (152 932 VND). I can’t afford to buy (it’s the truth) 🙁
    Good bye this giveaway. Computer Shopper reader’s prize :3
    Anyway, thank NET-LOAD for sharing this!

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