Giveaway: MunSoft Easy Archive Recovery 2.0 for Free

Easy Archive Recovery is a data recovery program that works specifically with ZIP and RAR archives. It’s capable of restoring all types of RAR and ZIP, created in any known type of compression tools, such as WinRAR, InfoZiP, WinZIP and other. The program supports SFX and solid archives. The contents of the archive can be previewed before the recovery. The files that were stored on a broken or formatted storage medium can be previewed and recovered as well.



Download: EasyArchiveRecovery-2.0-Setup.exe | EasyArchiveRecovery-2.0.reg |

1) install EasyArchiveRecovery-2.0-Setup.exe
2) unzip and replace EasyArchiveRecovery.exe in the MunSoft installation directory
3) double click EasyArchiveRecovery-2.0.reg and click Yes to questions
4) run the program

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