Giveaway: MSTech Search in Contents for FREE

Using MSTech Search in Contents you can easily find what you are looking for, without opening even a single file.

License Key: PK2VG-CZIGZ-G6FL7-KLV4P
License Key: J0LJH-DV03N-3WNH2-S1T3S

It doesn't matter what is your occupation, if you are a student, business man or even a programmer, you are always facing a mountain of unorganized documents and files, which always you need something from them. It's always a frustrating process to open all files and search for what you need and find the correct and proper files.

But with MSTech Search in Contents, you just need to specify the path and enter the desired phrase and press search. MSTech Search in Contents, also supports multiple paths search and wide range of documents.

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