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Manage & Transfer iPhone Data, Be Ready for iOS 12 and iPhone XS.

Giveaway: link

Download: macx-mediatrans-5.6.dmg
Giveaway: link

Keep Your iPhone iPad Well Organized. No More Space Woes
Your bulky 4k videos max out iPhone storage. Your chaotic songs mess up music library. Your HD records and HEIC photos run into format issues. Your valuable data are exposed to cybertheft attacks. Meet MacX MediaTrans – your best iTunes alternative. Secure, backup and transfer photos, music, videos, ringtone, ibook, iTunes purchases, etc, all in one fell swoop. Say goodbye to data loss or snooping.

Giveaway: link
Download: mediatrans-tradepub-version-4.9.zipmirror (activate before November 30, 2017)
Giveaway: link
Download: macx-mediatrans-4.9.dmgmirror

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